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We help companies strengthen their position in the marketplace, and can provide designs that will grow your brand in alignment with your needs to realize metrics such as sales, market expansion, investment, sales partners, or customer base.

Web Site Development

We create websites that captivate viewers with stunning photography and stories that resonate with customers, and pride ourselves in providing superior editorial value to our clients.

Web Site Management

We provide solutions for the online component of your business, from daily work and information management to security measures, and will help you realize a more productive, efficient, and problem-free work environment.

From conception to maturity, we will help you present your product to your customers through your website as well as through supplemental printed and digital media. We also design logos and visual elements that make your company or storefront stand out from the crowd. With one-stop branding that covers essentials like business cards, stationery, and packaging in a high-quality, unified design, we can provide maximum impact for a minimal investment.

Lotus prides itself in its ability to work in both digital and print media and can provide hybrid solutions that address the needs of both spheres. In terms of website development, we have a wide-ranging track record that includes both single-purpose and large-scale sites, including job search websites and e-commerce sites. By producing and maintaining both digital and print media assets in the same workflow, production and operation costs are kept low while we help your company grow in a format that is ideal for you.

This results in branding that grabs the customer and draws them to your company or storefront. Form, function, and accessibility are key drivers for success. We design with holistic optimization in mind that removes barriers between users and the technology for smooth functionality. Our art captivates users and our systems run on precise and solid frameworks. By realizing these two aspects together in harmony, Lotus is building vibrant web sites that are also easy to maintain.

Web sites are the visual medium of the modern era. By designing with usability and accessibility in mind, we endeavor to offer barrier-free environments for a wide range of users. For example, approximately 5% of Japanese men have a form of color-blindness. Probably someone you know is affected by this condition. Our web sites and physical products are both designed using color choices that take into account the needs of users with color vision disabilities.

Of course, we prioritize our clients' needs for our production work, but we always look at the critical factors for achieving effective communication with users and can leverage our professional experience to propose designs, systems, and strategies that can capture a greater audience for your business. We aim to exceed your expectations as we fulfill your needs. We always strive to build on our clients' proposals to give them back 150% of what we receive.

Our work does not stop once a website is delivered and goes online. We can help clients determine how to best run their sites and identify management needs. Website owners are often not provided with any operation guidelines, resulting in lost time and inefficiency as they struggle to keep up with site management. Precious resources such as time and money can be lost in such situations. When delivering products that require quality control and a unified approach, Lotus can provide additional support in the form of policies, guidelines, operation flows, and e-business optimization for your daily work.

The official language of global IT business is without a doubt English. In Japan, as a matter of course the majority of communication is carried out in Japanese, but even if foreign clients can speak Japanese it is difficult to expect your message will be conveyed fully in its native language. On the other hand, in English-speaking countries, several cultural, historical, and religious factors come into play, underlining the importance of targeted communication. To reach a global audience, language and communication skills take priority over technology, and we strive to respond to this need.

We strive to help our clients tackle the various issues that arise in the creative working process.

Nozomi Saito

Nozomi SaitoDesigner/Photographer

With an international upbringing that included time living in the United States, Lotus President Nozomi Saito’s unique background informs her modern design ethos. After studying at Digital Hollywood, where she studied web design, editorial, graphic design, and multimedia literacy, she worked in the IT projects department of the Nishinippon Shimbun newspaper designing and running their large-scale website. Then, Saito became a freelance designer and ultimately incorporated her own business. She brings over 20 years of experience in working with a variety of clients throughout Japan, the United States, and Asia.


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Indeed-linked platform development
Recruitment information that can be crawled by Indeed
QR code generation system
Streamlined pre-registration work for events
Online event management support
PR for webinars and event streaming
Communication management system
Visualization of inquiries and support status
Estimate and invoice system
Online management of estimates and invoices
Membership-based information distribution platform
Low-cost membership-based site deployment
Membership-based video streaming platform
Low-cost membership-based video streaming site deployment
Numbered reservation acceptance system
Enhances customer reception at salons, hospitals, restaurants, etc.